Incomparable Luxury: Golden Gate Bahrain

The Golden Gate project soars with it’s incredible location, architecture, facilities, and concierge.

Kooheji Golden Gate partners with Ajmera Realty and Mayfair Housing, two international real estate companies on their joint venture as Golden Gate Developers, to launch a grand residential development. The Golden Gate project aims to be the highest residential tower in Bahrain with a total of 746 apartments overlooking striking views of Bahrain Bay, with specially designed architecture that celebrates two culturally rich countries in one place.

Two towers, 746 luxury apartments, one goal: to be the jewel in the crown of Bahrain Bay as the highest residential tower in Bahrain. Golden Gate is your gateway to luxury living in Manama’s newest prestige development. Efficient design and refined beauty combined in one landmark. Golden Gate represents a highly desirable freehold opportunity for well-appointed buyers with cultivated tastes and a desire to experience the very best in modern living.


A Prime Location

Just 15 minutes’ drive from Bahrain international airport, Bahrain Bay is a testament to our country’s ambition and innovation, rising from 1.45 million square meters of land reclaimed from the Arabian Sea.  Costing $2.5 Billion, this landmark development will feature residential, commercial, retail, tourism, and public amenities, all cooled from an innovative and environmentally sound central facility.

This ambitious undertaking has been nine years in the making and now promises an exhilarating blend of state of the art living, modern hospitality, and world-class business centres. It aims to stand as a beacon of excellence, shining brightly on the northern shores of Manama; a national symbol of ambition and innovation by day and a breath-taking vista of light and life by night.


Striking Exteriors and Elegant Interiors

Each gleaming tower will be strikingly lit at night, while during the day its dynamic profile will provide the drama. The towers are clad in sun-defying high performance glazing and crowned with a curved sail shape that pays homage to 5000 years of seafaring trade.

Interior designs will draw on the rich history of Bahrain and Indian architecture to blend cultural cues with elegant contemporary elements. Cool marble surfaces, the intricate detailing of traditional lattices and the familiar elegant curves of decorative arches will combine to add visual reminders of traditional architecture to lavish modern spaces.


Prominent Landmarks

Golden Gate will stand adjacent to the south canal in a highly prominent and central location, standing tall across the bay from the iconic “H” shaped building of the Four Seasons Hotel, the Arcapita’s 6-storey vision in glass and stone, the United Tower’s spiraling 50 storeys, and the Avenues sea-front perimeter development of public parkland, cinemas, theatres, cafes, restaurants, and shopping experiences.


The Exclusive Concierge

At Golden Gate, your needs come first, and our full-service concierge is appointed to meet them quickly and efficiently.


Around the clock call centre will fulfil your wishes, whatever the time of day, always eager to assist. The services include; hotel transport and airline ticketing assistance, liaising with delivery services, taking care of your monthly groceries, sourcing tickets for events, issuing reminders, and laundry pick-up and delivery.


Your car will also be taken for its regular service with a 24/7 vehicle recovery service and ease the burden of dealing with accidents by completing registration and insurance requirements. The service’s messengers will be pleased to ensure that all your personal government and banking transactions are attended to in a timely manner so you can spend time with your loved ones.


The Luxurious Facilities

The various indoor and outdoor pools for adults and children will offer a refreshing haven from the sun’s gaze, with slides and water castles, waterfall, and a tropical garden, to complete a perfect oasis of relaxation and fun.


A recreation area will keep all ages happy with mixed, single gender, or children’s activities. Abundant aerobic, yoga, pilates, taekwondo, step, and ballet classes. A table tennis, pool table, squash court, and indoor jogging track. Gyms for men and women will feature multiple workstations on which to tone and sculpt, then it’s on to jacuzzis, steam rooms, and saunas to reward all that fine effort.


On-site facilities include a drugstore, cold store, salon, coffee shop and flower shop. Quiet contemplation in the library/reading room and, for a more profound one, in the prayer rooms. The theatre brings the big screen closer to home, while the restaurant will offer fine cuisine on leafy terraces for a truly breathtaking dining experience.


The business center, board room, conference room and executive club will provide perfect meeting spaces and business support for those who need such facilities on tap. Valet parking is provided for visitors with over 100 carparks available, and the 999 parking bays housed inside a decorative façade will give ample vehicle storage for owners and their guests.

For more info and reservations, call

Tel. +973 1366 3300