Importance of Health Insurance in Bahrain

It is highly significant to enroll in a medical coverage plan for several reasons. Often, uninsured individuals receive medical attention and care to a smaller extent, experience deteriorating health conditions, and an absence of protection is a monetary weight for them and their families. However, cost shouldn’t be your solitary thought while juxtaposing different insurance policies and schemes, you must peruse the distinctive benefits each policy could yield.

Since the 1960’s, Bahrain has had a universal healthcare system, renowned for it’s competently-run hospitals and medical clinics, denoting that extended waiting hours are almost negligible and expectancy to see a doctor would translate to 24 to 48 hours within reserving an appointment, potentially sooner if one is experiencing a medical emergency.

The Health Insurance Law makes it obligatory for all nationals, residents and visitors to pay for health insurance, in addition to contributing towards a health insurance fund so as to redeem health services within private and public hospitals and medical centers. Bahraini citizens are covered by government-provided healthcare, while it is subsidized for non-Bahraini citizens.

It’s imperative to consider a few aspects before selecting an insurance plan in Bahrain tailored just to suit your needs, for instance, medical history, age etc.

In the event that you require medical aid in Bahrain, immediately call 999 and ask for ambulance services.