HV Holistic Health: Bahrain Outdoor Training Guide

With temperatures on the island finally dropping, it’s time to take your training outdoors.

It’s the time of year most of us have been waiting for. Cool evenings, refreshing breeze!

Before you head to the nearest cafe, consider how making the most of this time of year will be a benefit to your health. Studies show that exercising outside, boosts energy, improves mood, and increases vitamin D. With this in mind, levels of motivation can improve, with increases to regular activity.

Swimming and running are cost effective, time efficient, and accessible to all. Follow our tips on how to make the most of each session.

  • Get serious about your swimming training
    Not only an important life saving skill, swimming is fantastic for cardiovascular health. With low impact, movements in multiple directions, it serves as a fantastic way to return from injury, develop connective tissue strength, and challenge the heart, and lungs.
    Whether swimming in a pool, or open water, aim to set yourself a target for each session. For example, “adding an additional length in the pool, or swimming for an extra 2 minutes’. If you wanted to track your swimming in depth, you can keep your phone on the side, and a timer running, so that you can monitor the split time of each set of 5 lengths, AND the amount of rest you require between.
  • Improve your running or walking fitness
    For those with time constraints, knowing exactly how long you’re going to be out for is crucial.
    Walking is a great way to socialise without the need to order food, there are plenty of places to walk in Bahrain. You should aim to walk over different terrains to strengthen the connective tissue around the joints in your lower body. The next time you train, run/ walk the same route, and make sure that your halfway point is further than your previous effort. If you really want to notice some impressive stamina gains, complete the second half of your walk/ run in less time than the first.

Kate JelleyFor more ideas about how to improve your physical performance this winter, get in touch with us @hvholistic 17775544 or info@hvholistichealth.com