HV Holistic: Fully Fit Feb

Now you’re on the road to fitness, it’s time to find different ways to stay active.

When looking at ways to stay active, you need to make sure you’re adding ways to work both mentally, as well as physically.

Try taking part in fitness events in and, around Bahrain to keep you motivated. For those who already have a good level of fitness, you could join the Bahrain Triathlon Association’s, Sprint Duathlon on the 15th of February. For the beginners, why not try a new exercise such as, a Pilates or Yoga class, where you will learn to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility. This will also give you an opportunity to learn how your body moves.

You could even get your friends, or family involved, and try going out for a walk and take advantage of the cooler weather. If you’re friends, and family don’t fancy walking, you can take your own or your neighbours dog out for a walk. Not only being active but, helping a neighbour.

Your mental health is just as important to reaching your goals as anything else. If you’re not mentally ready to get to your goals, it can be a struggle. Why not, set aside 20 minutes in the morning for a meditation or write in a journal, and think about things you would like to accomplish in your day. Going for a massage, a manicure or for a blow dry can also be a relaxing experience, and sometimes exactly what you need before the hectic week ahead.

You don’t need to restrict fun in order to reach your goals, it is all about moderation.

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