Huawei P30 Pro Review: Is it worth the hype?


Huawei has been turning heads with the phone releases they’ve recently had – the Huawei P30 Pro is no exception. The HUAWEI P30 Series are the company’s most advanced camera smartphones to date. We’ve had the chance to put the brand’s flagship phone, P30 Pro, to the test.

The HUAWEI P30 pro is packed with power and performance. It has the innovative Kirin 980 (the world’s first 7nm mobile process chipset) and comes with 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of memory storage. It comes with the standard 4,200 mAh battery paired with intelligent battery saving technology. The charging experience has also been heightened with HUAWEI’s supercharge, wireless quickcharge, and HUAWEI’s reverse charge feature which enables you to refuel your earbuds or even another phone! But the phone offers much more than what makes it run.


Putting it to the test

Coming in a sleek and elegant 3D curved body and a stunning 6.47” OLED display, the HUAWEI P30 Pro is a treat to hold and use for social media, messaging, or watching your favourite TV shows. The phone has an amazing screen to body ratio with just a small notch on top for the front camera and sleek lines on the top and bottom of the body. It is incredibly responsive and its fingerprint sensor is almost instantaneous.

Sample shots of the P30 Pro

Zooming into the future

The P30 Pro has exceptional cameras that are the main highlights of this unit. The phone is the most advanced imaging technology HUAWEI has yet, the Leica Quad Camera System. It has a 40MP primary camera with HUAWEI’s SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20MP ultra wide-angle camera, an 8mp telephoto camera fitted with SuperZoom Lens and a HUAWEI ToF Camera. The all-new sensor, lens arrangement, image signal processor (ISP) and neural processing unit (NPU) work in tandem to capture incredible photos and videos.

Sample shots of the P30 Pro

Multiple cameras and features provide absolute clarity, precision, and perfection in any possible photo or video shoot you plan to have. HUAWEI SuperSpectrum Sensor enhances the camera’s capability to capture details in darkness, allowing it to produce clean, sharp images. HUAWEI SuperZoom Lens supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and a never-before-seen 50x digital zoom, bringing the farthest of objects right in front of your eyes. Ultra-wide Angle Camera takes in a much wider perspective to greatly enhance the feeling of spaciousness in images. HUAWEI ToF Camera has rich bokeh and sophisticated depth information-capturing capabilities.

Alongside the impressive cameras are its features and apps. Like the HUAWEI Dual-View Video, which brings a refreshing way to shoot and view videos that use multiple cameras simultaneously to capture videos. This allows consumers to capture the full view of a scene while also capturing a close-up, showing two perspectives at once on one screen. The P30 Pro also has Portrait mode, AI Movie Mode, AI Video Editor, Super Night mode for photos and videos, and a lot more.

Sample shots of the P30 Pro


Apps and games run smoothly and fast as to be expected from the powerhouse specs the P30 Pro has. Social media apps are a treat to browse through with its responsiveness paired with a gorgeous screen – did you know that the P30 series are also specially optimized for Snapchat?

Posting updates, photos, and stories on your account isn’t bad either with its exceptional cameras. Despite intensive use with graphic heavy games over an extended a period of time, the P30 pro maintained a good temperature and no lagging. With its 8gb RAM, having multiple apps open creates no fuss. The phone’s practical features like the App Twin (which enables 2 instances of an app open) or using 2 separate apps on a single screen makes it very convenient as well. Connectivity is also not an issue because the signal strength for both Wi-Fi and cellular data are constant and high.


The HUAWEI P30 Pro has curved edges that are great to have your hands around and a body that transition well to its OLED screen. The notch on top for the screen is only a little bothersome, but a desirable upgrade to the speaker and cam combo other phones come in. It also comes in 5 colors; Black, Pearl, Aurora, Amber Sunrise, and Breathing crystal. Aside from the staple black and white colors most phones come in, the other colors are eye-catching and lustrous. Giving off a reflective and soft metallic look to the device.

Overall, the HUAWEI P30 Pro is an impressive phone for photography lovers or performance junky users alike. It’s an incredible phone that looks amazing and performs just as good. Be it for work, for socializing, for everyday connectivity, or for entertainment purposes, the HUAWEI P30 zooms past its counterparts.