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How to Avoid Fatigue When Fasting


Fasting for the entire day can be challenging for some people, depending on their lifestyle and health. Fasting fatigue and fluid loss are two significant issues people face during Ramadan.

Iif you do not overcome fasting fatigue, you will find it challenging to stay active during Ramadan. Suhoor and Iftar meals must include healthy foods if you want to feel less exhausted during Ramadan.

Here are some helpful hints for avoiding fatigue and hunger during Ramadan fasting:

Never skip breakfast before dawn

During Ramadan, the pre-dawn meal is the most crucial component of the day because the fasting person requires energy to perform his daily tasks while refraining from eating until sunset.

Enhance your breathing techniques

Another critical piece of advice for overcoming fasting fatigue naturally is to practise deep breathing. While it is simple to learn, many of us forget how to breathe correctly to inhale the most oxygen.

Drink plenty of water and avoid direct sunlight

One of the essential things for skipping breakfast person during the month of Ramadan is to avert dehydration while fasting, which can be accomplished by drinking plenty of fluids during Suhoor, Iftar and in between. It is also possible to vary the liquids and consume fresh juices and other healthy beverages.

Opt for water over caffeine

Ramadan provides an excellent potential to cut your daily caffeine intake. You will only experience the side effects for a few days before they begin to fade as your body adjusts to the new morning ritual. However, you must hydrate yourself more, which is why you should drink more water to overcome fasting fatigue.

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