How to apply for a healthcare license in Bahrain?

Quality verification processes ensure that the Kingdom of Bahrain hires only the highest quality staff to bolster their healthcare workforce.

International healthcare professionals with the dream of gaining overseas work experience should turn their gaze to the Kingdom of Bahrain. More than 50% of the population in Bahrain consists of non-nationals who enjoy the country as an attractive place to live, work and build their careers. With many perks and benefits, Bahrain has long been an employment hotspot for international healthcare workers.

Once a healthcare professional has been successfully offered a job in Bahrain, applicants need to get their educational, employment, and license documents verified before receiving their Bahraini professional license – an essential in order to practice medicine in the Kingdom. In 2017, the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) teamed up with the DataFlow Group to screen applicants’ documents through Primary Source Verification (PSV).

Sunil Kumar, CEO of the DataFlow Group states,

‘‘Working with Bahrain’s National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) has enabled us to assist in their vision towards delivering safe, high quality healthcare in the Kingdom by helping qualified healthcare staff to assure the NHRA of genuinity of their credentials. This is achieved via a stringent, accurate and high quality primary source verification (PSV) process which all healthcare workers in Bahrain are subject to ahead of being hired. For healthcare employees, this provides a huge opportunity for professional growth as they are safe in the knowledge that they can confidently work alongside and learn from their peers.’’

How to apply for a healthcare license in Bahrain

Before you apply through the NHRA online system, you need to apply to Dataflow to initiate the process of document verification. Once you receive the positive report you can start your application with NHRA.

To submit your application online, sign up to the National Health Regulatory Authority’s website and then log in. If you need assistance, the NHRA has a handy visual guide to help you sign up which you can read through here.

Certain professionals are required to clear the Bahrain License Exam (BLE) prior to being licensed. You will be sent a single-use code to register for the BLE. The code may be used once only and may be re-activated by NHRA ONLY if you fail your exam attempt. A total of six exam attempts are permitted per candidate. Nurses need 50% or above to pass the exam, and all Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists and Optometrists need 60% or more to pass the exam.

Upload a copy of your BLE results along with your online application. Subject to the success of your entire application, whether you passed the BLE, or were exempt from it, you will be issued a letter addressed to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA). Once you enter Bahrain for the first time, the LMRA will issue your work permit. Then you will need to upload your Health Fitness certificate issued by a licensed facility in Bahrain, a copy of National ID card and a Ministry of Education Equalization certificate if requested.

After submitting all the documents, a notice to pay will be created and sent to you. Your last step is to pay online, collect your license and begin your career in Bahrain!

Which documents do you need?

As part of your application, you must submit a complete list of the following documents for Primary Source Verification (PSV) by The DataFlow Group, along with a fee of 20 Bahraini Dinar (US$53).

  • Your job offer or an offer letter from a prospective employer
  • 1 passport-sized photograph on a white background.
  • Photocopy of valid Passport page
  • Copy of your Resumé/C.V.
  • Work experience certificate(s)
  • Attested College/University Diploma
  • Your Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license (if you are licensed in any other countries, you will also need to include a copy of this license)
  • Good Standing Certificate issued by the licensing authority of the country where you last practised your profession (should not be older than 6 months)
  • Dataflow report

Building your future career

Once licenced, your career as a healthcare worker can begin. However, the support from the DataFlow Group doesn’t stop there. All positively verified applicants are encouraged to sign up to – a platform powered by the DataFlow Group – in order to securely store their verifications. Applicants can transfer their DataFlow report to, where it will be securely stored via blockchain, in a way that protects their data while being fully GDPR-compliant. This means that applicants can view and share their verified documents whenever needed throughout their career.

If you’re ready to join Bahrain’s workforce of verified, professional healthcare staff, start by verifying your documents with