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#HospitalityLeaders: Tamer Farouk, General Manager, Hilton Bahrain


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What is your vision for Hilton Bahrain?

After spending 26 years in the hospitality industry, I can honestly say that Hilton Bahrain is one of those closest to my heart. Every corner of this hotel has been so carefully designed and every service is meticulously tested to make sure it lives up to our vision – an upscale hotel with residences right at the heart of the country’s entertainment capital that provides an upbeat urban lifestyle to guests looking for more than just a home but a paradise for everything they need and want.

This full-service hotel will be the perfect choice for both short and long-stay guests with our modern and stylish studios, one and two-bedroom apartments, which feature spacious living rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a breathtaking view of the sea from its balcony.

The interior design is inspired by Bahrain’s history, with elements of black gold, aquamarine for its surrounding seas and exotic shades of pearls. The local touches are in sharp contrast to the modern edges on its pillars that give the hotel a modern feel.

We look forward to our guests making memorable experiences at our 6 distinct restaurants, a wellness centre, outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and bespoke meeting spaces, ideal for business meetings and social gatherings. I am positive that our outlets will be a great addition to this buzzing town with our culinary expertise and unique restaurant and lounge concepts.

The team and I are ecstatic to finally see the lights of Hilton Bahrain on, its doors open to welcome our guests and provide them with the experiences we have created with heartfelt dedication.

What have been your biggest challenges (and successes) over the past difficult years?

With every pre-opening hotel, we expected to encounter challenges but there was nothing that a talented and dedicated team could not overcome. With my team’s hard work and our owner’s support, I believe we are now at the end of the tunnel, with bright lights ahead of us, as we get closer to our opening in August.

Other than a great team, what qualities does your hotel have that make it stand out in Bahrain?

It gives me great pride talking about the qualities that make Hilton Bahrain stand out. First of all, the upscale hotel and residences have a unique take on hotel living. We have meticulously studied the needs and wants of our guests and created a dynamic urban lifestyle to make them thrive in their personal and social life with our state-of-the-art facilities, wellness, culinary experiences and world-renowned Hilton hospitality.

We are a proud supporter of Hilton’s Travel with Purpose—Hilton’s economic, social and governance strategy to drive responsible travel and tourism. It is our goal to be a champion when it comes to sustainability and environmental activism in the hospitality industry in Bahrain. In our effort to fulfil this commitment, we have removed all single-use plastic—one of the many projects we have developed to drive sustainability.

I’m also pleased to say that these environmental and social projects extend to care for animals. Hilton Bahrain is a pet-friendly hotel. We understand the need for pet lovers, such as myself, to have a trusted destination where we can share memorable experiences with our pets. Hilton Bahrain aims to redefine upscale urban living with our “paw-fect” services and perks like an exclusive VIP pet membership, grooming services, treats and their own in-room pet dining menu!

What does hospitality leadership mean to you?

It’s to lead by example. Hospitality is an ever-growing industry. Being a leader in one of the leading hotels in the world is a great responsibility and opportunity. It is in our hands to make a difference in our guests’ everyday experiences. For example, a wonderful breakfast service can lead to a fresh and happy start just like how a bad breakfast experience can lead to the opposite. How we lead can also make a life-changing impact on our team members’ professional and personal growth.

We also have the opportunity to influence others. Set standards for other hospitality providers and inspire our team members.

Last but definitely not least, as leaders, we are responsible to make an impact on society. We have the capabilities to drive growth, support tourism and champion social and environmental causes that will highlight development and bring joy. This, I believe is the ultimate goal of hospitality in the first place.

Is there a particular saying or motto that guides you?

“Will it spark joy?” This question has guided me my whole career until this very day.

I believe that happy team members create happy guests. So, in every decision I make, I ask myself this question: will my actions spark happiness and positivity to my team members and therefore spread to our guests? I ask the team to reflect on this question when they are faced with making a decision as well.

After all, joy and positivity are what we want to leave our guests and team members with.

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