Home Sweet Home

Newly weds Zeyad and Leila reveal what makes them … Click!

What/who is your muse?

‘What’ is definitely music. It has always played a big role in everything I do.

“Who?” Leila is actually! Simply watching her do what she loves and the way she does it always motivates me because of the way she focuses on drawing and gets creative

Have you any upcoming projects? If so,
what? Why?

I have two things that I’m concentrating on which is fashion photography and wedding photography. I love the creativity that you can do through a shoot – there are no limits to it.

Weddings have always been my passion. To take these beautiful shots that people will look at for the rest of their lives whilst also being part of such an important day just makes you feel like a better person and I like that feeling.

I have a couple of projects that are related to Bahrain. I try to do underwater photography and lifestyle photography. I’m trying to attract teenagers and new photographers to try something similar in which their own style will reflect. Once you do something you love, you’ll take care of all the things related to it and you seek more knowledge.

Have you any words of wisdom for anyone who wants to indulge in photography?

If anyone wants to have photography as a career or a hobby, I just would love to tell them that, they shouldn’t worry about how the picture would look like and how similar they are to other photographers because photography is an open book. What’s really nice and what attracts people is the way you see things and that’s what makes people different from each. It’s always good to try new things. I’ve noticed that the weirdest ideas that I came up with and did a shoot with, were actually my best works which is surprising.

What is so special about Bahrain to you?

Bahrain is a very special island to me. I was born and raised in Bahrain and all my family and friends are here too. I’ve learned that this island is accepting to new talents. It’s a great place to live in – everything is easy, people here are very nice. I think there are many things not available in Bahrain but with time, I think our culture is so rich and accepting. I’ve noticed many changes in 2015 to 2017 and I’m aware that in 2019, there will be more changes. If you know how to have fun in the island and how to find something to do and just do it, it has an endless potential.

Do your creative outlets ever cause conflict?

They flow in and out of my life. … I’ve gone ridiculous amounts of time without painting or singing. I sometimes don’t feel the need to start up again as it seems more of a chore until one day there is an almost nagging need to do something creative and then I get fully immersed for a ridiculous amount of time all over again. I have to alternate between regular life stuff and then I tap in to my creative side later. I’m also currently singing at The Polo Gastropub which is another creative outlet for me.

Name a hidden gem in Bahrain. What and why?

Hidden gem in Bahrain? I would say it’s this weird little kind of off the beaten path part of the beach in Durrah. Zeyad and I were there very recently and we managed to find almost an entire skeleton of a massive sea turtle, so, that was a really cool find. Also, on top of that it was relatively uninhabited which is really nice. Of course, there are developments going on, but, it’s so far away that no-one really goes there!

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about most things. I don’t really like to do anything unless I’m passionate about it. I’m a passionate vegetarian to the point where the thought of eating meat makes me cry. I’m a passionate artist, I think everything should be beautiful, you should be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things and do things that make you happy. I’m a passionate humanitarian as well; I’m passionate about a whole load of causes that genuinely keep me awake at night. I can’t really narrow it down.

What is so special about Bahrain
to you?

Bahrain has this kind of way of bringing you in. I’ve had the good fortune to live in so many places in the world that have all kinds of exotic and different things, although Bahrain is laid back in comparison it’s just this really relaxed great atmosphere, everything is comfortable and everything seems easy. It almost immediately feels like home and once you find the right people, your unique underworld here, it kind of…I don’t know… it hugs you.

Zeyad actually made Bahrain more fun for me as I had a kind of a tough time transitioning since I was living in Arizona, but, once I met Zeyad he showed me the cool parts of the beach and the desert, that no one really goes to and I loved it all the more. ν