High Tea Review at Gallery Cafe, Gallery 21

Home to some of Block 338’s most sophisticated and unique social hubs, Gallery 21 provides a variety of culinary outlets including a café that seems to be the perfect location for afternoon delights.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea, and that’s kind of the same thing! Just recently, we had the chance to try Gallery Café’s High Tea Promotion – it turned out to be a happy and fuss-free afternoon. The promotion includes a selection of bread and dessert along with unlimited hot and cold beverages to choose from.

Dining at Gallery Café is perfect for any season; you can stay warm and dine at the al fresco sitting area or stay inside and keep cool while listening to some groovy music. During the afternoon, we opted to dine indoors and admire the chic yet chill ambiance of the café.

Onto our favorite part, the food! We tried a delicious array of sandwiches with flavors like Cucumber and Labna, Smoked Salmon and Tomato Olive Bruschetta. These were paired with thirst-quenching juices that were freshly made upon order – knowing that these drinks were unlimited was a plus! We savored each bite of goodness and moved on to the desserts.

Guests with a sweet tooth can sample a plate of these delectable confectionaries: Strawberry Swiss Roll, Chocolate Fudge Mini Cupcakes and Blueberry Macarons. The Strawberry Swiss Roll slice was light, refreshing and perfect for the summer. The Bluebbery Macarons were delicate and filled with a tarty filling. However, our favorite was the Chocolate Fudge Mini Cupcakes – deliciously moist and the ultimate choice for chocolate lovers! We paired the desserts with a hot cup of coffee to balance out the sweetness.

The wait staff are very attentive and notice quickly when your cup is empty – we ended up drinking one cup after the other. Overall, we had an amazing time at Gallery Café… definitely our cup of tea!

Gallery Café’s High Tea offer is available throughout the month of August, from 3PM to 6PM and is priced at BD7.9 net.

For more information:
IG: @gallery21bh
+973 1771 1600