Here’s when you KNOW your relationship is *really* over…

Most of us have endured a dating experience that felt more like a saga than a chapter in our life. You broke up and got back together a million times, and each time it caused you pain. There comes a time when your relationship really must come to an end, though, but that moment isn’t easy to decipher when you’re caught up in a whirlwind of emotions.

There’s no one right answer or prescription for you to follow when it comes to your own relationship, but there are some pretty decent guidelines out there that you might want to follow.

Because as much as you doubt whether this relationship should really be put to rest, there are some clear signs to look out for that will help you make the right decision. Don’t be afraid to bring in an unbiased third party if you feel like you need an extra perspective.

Here are signs that your relationship is over—for real this time.

1. You feel disappointed when you see them calling or texting you

You should be with someone you enjoy talking to and look forward to seeing, so if you have a feeling of dread when you see your SO’s name pop up on your phone, that’s a pretty good indicator that things are past the fixable stage.

2. You don’t really know what’s going on in each other’s lives

When you take zero interest in each other, you don’t know what’s happening in each other’s everyday lives, which is reflective of how little you both care. Apathy can be just as strong as hate, and it’s a clear sign that your relationship is in the ending stages.

3.You argue about pretty much everything 

If the smallest of things sets you both off on a regular basis, there’s probably not much love left in your relationship. Being argumentative and defensive for no reason shows that you’re not on the same page anymore, and that you’re better going your separate ways.

4. You don’t spend anytime together anymore 

Quality time can mean a number of things to couples. That might mean you cook dinner together, go on a hike, take a weekend getaway, or just sit on the couch and read alongside each other. If you’re not doing any of these heartwarming things together, it means you don’t even like spending time together anymore.

5. You’re flirting constantly with other people

Does everyone else but your partner interest you? There can’t be a bigger red flag than that to inform you that this relationship is kaput.


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