Here’s how you can alleviate your stress levels!

In today’s society many of us will experience a form of stress. Unfortunately, it has become the norm to live with stress but, it is how we deal with it that makes a difference.

We often find ourselves taking on more than our minds are prepared to handle, in most cases we can’t help the workload that gets placed on our shoulders. Stress can effect a variety of things, such as frequent headaches, upset tummy, elevated blood pressure, chest pains, sleepless nights, to name just a few.

Continued elevated stress levels can lead to unhealthy choices to find a way to alleviate, or take your mind off the stress.

Alleviating stress is all about the small changes. Try HV’s top five tips to reduce your stress levels.

Add exercise into your schedule, even a 10-15 minute stretch can make a difference. You may feel demotivated, and unwilling but, the body is designed to move. The time you spend exercising shifts the focus back on to you, allowing you to recenter.

Use meditation, or a podcast. Try to find a moment in each day to breath in and out, and call to mind one thing that makes you feel grateful.

Book a 30 minute stress busting Infrared Sauna at HV, where you can burn calories and take the opportunity to unwind.

Find an activity to indulge your senses, whether it be something physically tactile, or mentally challenging. This opportunity brings you back into your body.

Set up an at home spa day. Light a candle, take a warm bath, and enjoy a soothing face mask.

Just remember, if you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for you illness.