Here’s why Hazel Rooftop Lounge is the place to be…

Bahrain offers us endless nightlife possibilities and Hazel Rooftop Lounge seems to be on top of it! The lounge offers fine international cuisine, exclusive signature cocktails, live entertainment and gorgeous views of Bahrain’s skyline.

Hazel is the new place to be this year, with gorgeous views and warm, friendly hospitality. We decided to check out Hazel on a Monday, and immediately felt immersed in the industrial skeletal look cut with bursts of green from the hanging planter’s pots and wall of live plants behind the bar and the swanky blues music playing in the background.

Once seated, it became easier to take in the exhilarating vibe of this sociable and sophisticated venue. The stylish high stools complemented with orange and blue seats elevated the trendy industrial design of the place. An impressive feature of the lounge is the striking set of light fixtures hanging from the celling just below the piping ducts. The bar is the main attraction, with floor to ceiling ladders and a bookshelf of a collection of great reads.

Moving on to the highlight of the night, the bites and beverages. Hazel offers a selection of gourmet sharing plates, mouthwatering finger foods and delicate main dishes. The eclectic menu is a twist on more mainstream dishes such as salads, sushi, international cold and hot tapas. During the night we opted to try the famous ‘Zesty Guacamole’ which consisted of mashed avocados, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, chili and spiced Pita chips. “Holy moly guacamole!”, that’s what you’ll be thinking after each bite of this perfect treat. For the sharing plates, we tried the ‘Salmon Taco Lettuce Wraps’ which is made up of perfectly cooked salmon, tomatoes, avocado, Chipotle mayo, tortilla chips, fried shallots and sour cream.

With plenty of crunch from the lettuce wraps, this mildly spiced bar bite is a spin on our favorite tacos. Next, we tried the ‘Trio of fries’, made of Amazing fries spiced in three different ways and served with a dipping sauce to create a perfect medley of fries, sauce and spice with every bite.

While delighting our palates, JP, Hazel’s head waiter talked us through a newly launched cocktail experience called My Way, during the night. Although Hazel has remarkable mixologists, My Way gives whiskey enthusiasts a chance to craft their own drinks – definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Carefully constructed by the head Mixologist Lukasz, My Way cocktails offer customers a chance to play and experiment with their own drinks. On another note, Hazel Rooftop Lounge features and promotes the Bahraini and regional musical scene featuring live musicians several times a week.

A musician’s haven with local and international talented sax, violin, trumpet, oud and guitar players jamming with the resident DJ Eric through to full 5 to 7 piece bands of blues, Jazz, indie and alternative music scenes. All of these combined with warm hospitality and topnotch service! Hazel Rooftop Lounge definitely lived up to its reputation.

Would we go back? Definitely!