Here’s a Guide to the Best Public Parks in Bahrain!

Are you in need of some respite from the city? In the mood to get fit for free? Or do you just want to have a little ‘me time’? Read on to see where the best public parks in Bahrain are. 

Bahrain has an abundant and growing number of public parks where you can enjoy the outdoors. There are places for all sorts of recreational activities, for all ages.  

Here is a list of our favourite public parks in Bahrain: 

Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park 

Boasting its unique structure and ambiance, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman is a popular outdoor space for residents and expats alike. The park has an artificial lake in the center, making it more scenic for visitors. Apart from this, the main attractions include an open air skate area, shopping stores, benches and several playing station for kids. 


  • Lake. Restaurants, plenty of seating areas 
  • Open air skate park 
  • Kids play area, rides and game room 
  • Pedal boats and bicycles for rent 

Budaiya Park 

Budaiya Park stands out from the rest of the public parks because it also serves as a beachfront where guests can sit and enjoy the view. Paved walkways, lawns and benches are also available for people to lounge in. The park has playgrounds and fountains to keep children as well as adults entertained.  Take note: the beach is open for public so if you want to take a quick dip, it is free of charge! 


  • Lawns, paved walkways and benches 
  • Playground and fountains 
  • Public beach 

Dohat Arad Park 

Dohat Arad Park is a nice open area where you can enjoy a run, have a nice walk, cycle around or just watch the birds migrating along the bay. Along this 3km walkway is also a protected area, the only marine ecosystem conservation area in Bahrain. Residents usually visit this park for its plentiful parking, fishing area, water fountains, kids’ play area and shaded benches. 


  • Playground 
  • Fishing area 
  • Views of the water 
  • The bay 
  • Restaurants 

Al Kubra Park 

Al Kubra Park has a playground for children, volleyball and football field for adults, and clean public toilets. It is a place where you can have some outdoor fun while spending family time with the little ones. 


  • Football pitch and volleyball court 
  • Kids play area 

Andalus Park 

Andalus Park is a charming recreational space loved both by locals and tourists. It is a beautiful green space with palms, flowers and other local plants, as well as statues and fountains. The park has a vast lawn perfect for picnics and physical activities. 


  • Tennis court 
  • Plenty of seating area 
  • Big lawn for picnics  
  • Cafes 

P.S. Please keep the environment clean and take care of your surroundings!