Here are some tours to check out in Bahrain!

Now that Bahrain is slowly opening back up, it is the perfect opportunity to try out some tours around the Kingdom and make the most of the rest of the summer.

Although Bahrain is a small island, there are a good amount of places to go and sights to see. With the help of the right tour guides, we can experience this tiny island to the fullest.

Here’s a list of some tours to try out in Bahrain:

Visit Bahrain

Visit Bahrain (@visitbahrain.bh) offers a range of tours and activities for tourists and residents alike. There are desert and city tours and activities including trips to water parks, go karting, scuba diving, and horseback riding.

For more information, call 17221166 or WhatsApp 35120329.

Kashta Tours

Kashta Tours (@kashta.tours) organises tours and group activities in the Kingdom. There are trips to Jaradah Island, cycling tours, horseback riding, and kayaking activities.

For more information and booking, call 32122163 or visit their website.

Duck Tours

What makes Duck Tours (@ducktoursbahrain) different is the fact that it is the first land and sea adventure tours in Bahrain.

Passengers will aboard this yellow amphibious bus and drive (and sail) their way along Manama’s coastline! The two main routes are by Bahrain Museum and the Bahrain Fort.

For more information and booking, download their app here.

Farhat Tours

Farhat Tours (@farhattoursdmc) is a destination management company in Bahrain that can help guide you with sightseeing, hotels, transfers, and car rentals.

For more information, call or WhatsApp them at 17211501 and 39473105.

Bahrain Tourism

Managed by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition, Bahrain Tourism (@bahrain.ours.yours) can arrange an itinerary based on trips focused on culture, style, taste, or experience. You can also tailor your trip to your own preference.

For more information and booking, call 80007333 or visit their website.

Let’s Go Bahrain

Let’s Go Bahrain (@lets.go.bahrain) specialises in inbound services including hotel booking, group tours, events, weddings, conferences, and more. You can choose your itineraries and experiences and get going!

For more information, call 13344331, 17103030, or visit their website.

Beach Culture

Beach Culture (@beachculture) is perfect for those who love to get in the water. You can join their LED-lit paddleboard tour or rent a kayak or paddle board. Some of their tours include sunset or sunrise tours, city tours as well as snorkel tours.

They also offer stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga!

For more information, you can DM them on their Instagram. For bookings, click here.