Here are some ideas on how to keep busy during the Coronavirus pandemic

By now, the Coronavirus pandemic likely has you planted at home for the foreseeable future. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep yourself busy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Netflix and chill

With workers being shuffled out of the office and into their homes, it might be the best time to catch up on some TV shows you’ve missed in the past year.


With more time on your hands, it could be a good time to close the delivery apps and think about preparing something in your home. Research has shown there are both financial and nutritional benefits to cooking at home. Cooking can also be therapeutic because it tests creativity, which can make people feeling more relaxed and happier.

Make something — or read

Have you ever had the itch to pick up a new craft?

Crocheting or knitting could be a place to start. Both are independent activities that can be done inside your home or on-the-go — and there are surprising health benefits, too.

Other crafts like painting and pottery could also be options.

Reading can be beneficial too!

Source: The Ladders