Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a 5G mobile in 2020!

As some countries in the GCC accelerate the deployment of 5G with some carriers starting to offer the technology, it is time to talk about upgrading your mobile phone from 4G to 5G.

With a 5G mobile phone, not only can you enjoy blazing connection speeds, but it also helps you be more productive and saves time – making it an especially relevant and useful device in the age of remote working. Here are five compelling reasons to go for a 5G mobile.

#1 Superfast response time

Sports fans know the agony of watching a broadcast stream over a slow connection, with the video not keeping pace with action on the field. This is due to latency – the speed at which packets of data are sent and downloaded. Lower the latency, better the connectivity.  5G’s low latency means a connection that is 10 times faster. It will revolutionize the future of e-sports, especially gameplay streaming, where every second counts.

Superfast connectivity enhances both the gamers’ performance and the audience experience. Delayed connections can skew results, drop audience numbers and revenue streams for gamers. 5G’s low latency ensures almost no lag while playing e-sports or making a video call. 

#2 Future fit

To ensure they don’t become obsolete as 5G technology evolves, 5G phones feature a combination of different frequency bands to be compatible with patchy coverage in different areas. As 5G coverage improves with succeeding waves of rollouts, the 5G phone is adequately future proofed to keep pace. 

#3 Smoother content sharing

5G is a gamechanger for both content creators and audiences. It enables content creators to broadcast HD live streams or videos easily and smoothly, helping them garner larger audiences. With 5G, you can enjoy music, films and audio books can be downloaded and enjoyed on the go.

Fastmetrics, a U.S.-based internet service provider, estimates that at a gigabit per second (1Gbps), a 9-hour audiobook can be downloaded in less than 1 second, a 45-minute TV show in just 16 seconds at one-tenth that speed.  

#4 Facilitates flexible working

With the coronavirus pandemic, businesses were forced to adopt remote working almost overnight. Now with the flexibility and latency offered by a 5G phone, people can be productive virtually anywhere without being challenged by connectivity issues. Collaborating and creating is made easier through 5G.

For example, teams can share and edit large files on the go, such as videos and images, while also holding a video conference simultaneously. The blazing connectivity speeds makes data sharing and flexible working so much easier and efficient.

#5 Adaptability and reliability

It’s the building block of the knowledge economy, hence the UAE and Saudi Arabia are already deploying ultra-reliable, low latency 5G networks. And with a 5G phone you can leverage the benefits of these networks – better signal strength and call quality with reduced interference.

A 5G phone works fine on present-day 4G LTE networks too. It’s the device you need to meet growing connectivity and fast data sharing needs, at work and home.