Have you tried this Amwaj hotel’s delicious takeaway boxes?

With meal boxes, you get to enjoy different types of food from mains up to dessert in one serving. It is also a fun way to explore cuisines during meal time!

Luckily for you, Gulf Suites Hotel Amwaj offers hot, fast and fresh dishes that are boxed and ready to go! Why pick just one when you can have 3 courses in one convenient box?

The meal boxes come in different options: Arabic, Asian, Healthy, Indian, Italian and European. There is also a box made specifically for your kids to enjoy. Moreover, the boxes are only priced starting from BD5 net which makes it super affordable given the quantity of the food! You can check the menu here and call 3560468 to place your order.

Just recently, we spoke to the hotel’s chef, Manoj Krishnan Vasundharan to know more about their new promotion.

Chef Manoj has over a decade of experience cooking for various five star and luxury hotels in the Middle East and Bahrain.

According to him, they wanted to offer guests something different so they developed three-course menus for various cuisines in one box that is both delicious and affordable. Each box is made with quality and fresh local ingredients.

Since there is a pandemic going on, the takeaway boxes are also a brilliant way to go on a culinary adventure without having to leave the comforts of one’s home.