These Hairstylists Used Water Guns to Create This Stunning Rainbow Hair

As they say, the couple that creates a viral hair-dyeing technique together stays together. Husband-and-wife hairstylist duo Andrew and Kat Collett, who are based in Kansas City, Missouri, recently posted their unexpected way of coloring hair rainbow hues — they filled up novelty water guns with dye before squirting it directly onto hair.

“We were inspired to create something both Andrew and I could fully plan and apply together,”

Kat, who goes by @katkolors on Instagram, tells Allure. In January, Andrew joined the hair industry and had been apprenticing for his wife in order to get his license, and the fun hair-dyeing technique is their first collaboration. “This was a direct representation of how much love we are putting into our salon, With Love Salon, that is about to open in the Crossroads [neighborhood] of Kansas City in a few months, so this color needed to be epic,” she adds. “It needed to be one that would show the world what the two of us are able to create together.”

So why water guns? “We chose them as a way to express our inner child while living an ‘adult life,'” Kat explains. “You are never too old to have fun.” Preach. In case you were wondering where they found them, Andrew spotted them at their local Walmart.

Unlike a typical brush technique, Kat says squirting rainbow dyes onto hair with a water gun creates a kaleidoscope effect. “We wanted to apply the color in a way that would give the hair a shattered appearance and lots of implied texture,” she adds. When it came time to splash the dyes onto hair, Kat says she didn’t have specific placement for each hue in mind. Instead, it was completely freeform. You can see the process in action below.

The Colletts ended up producing three different looks with the water gun technique. For the first one, they used every color of the rainbow. “We had the ‘go-big-or-go -home’ mentality, so a rainbow seemed fitting,” Kat says.

For another, they experimented with only warmer tones complete with reds and oranges, and the third one favored the cooler side of the spectrum with purples and blues.

From Allure.