Girls in the Gulf

Aiste A Daubaras shares her eclectic musings in a light, yet warm-hearted fashion.

In the part of the world that I hail from, the arrival of Spring was always heralded by the appearance of tulips. Suddenly it seemed that every gentleman was clutching a colourful bunch and rushing to greet his lady for International Women’s Day. Isn’t it symbolic that this celebration, which falls on the 8th of March, coincides with a wonderful season when our Mother Nature wakes up from a wintery slumber? Dousing amidst fresh blooms and wonderful colours, startling us year after year with her unique ability to renew and revive herself.

However, ladies in Bahrain are somewhat luckier, since we can celebrate being a woman not only once a year, but, every night of the week, should we be so inclined, as nearly all hotels or bars in our island are holding Ladies Nights. They lure us with free drinks and enticing entertainment (apparently there are 35 Ladies Nights for one to try in Bahrain… talk about being spoilt for choice!). Presumably our charming presence is supposed to allure gentlemen to these venues.  Except whoever came up with the idea was not that well au fait about the female logic (oh, and before you would try to contradict me that such a thing exists, I guarantee that it does, only the concept is so complex that we ourselves sometimes struggle to get to grips with it).

Where was I? Oh yes, the Ladies Nights! If you ever spot a lively gaggle (as we do indeed go to these things in gangs) laughing and chatting over cocktails, you will understand what I am talking about. No matter what age, status or nationality, we are all united by the privilege of being a woman. So, we meet up and share our joys and sorrows, our dreams and achievements, dissemble our men and relationships, and obviously immerse into serious and intellectual discussions about new haircuts and new clothes.

As Mother Nature renews herself every Spring, every woman also needs to revive and update her look and wardrobe. So, essentially it all boils down to two major problems that trouble all women internationally…no room in ones wardrobe and nothing to wear!

PS. Inevitably it all ends on the dance floor with Cindy Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun”…where we truly become a force to be reckoned with.

11_1Aisté is a Socialite, Writer, Language Tutor and Advisor for International School of Etiquette, living in Bahrain and London. To share your feedback,  email: aiste.anusaite@ gmail.com