Girl Power: Four Leading Figures in Bahrain’s Healthcare Industry

Earlier this year, the Kingdom announced that the Bahraini Doctors’ Day will be celebrated on the first Wednesday of November each year. Along with this came a launch a US $ 200,000-worth award honoring outstanding Bahraini doctors in the medical, clinical and treatment research.

The “Khalifa Bin Salman Award for Bahraini Doctor” winners were announced on the 19th of October 2020. There were two categories – the first was category was “Innovation and Creative Award in Therapeutic, Clinical and Medical Research” and the second category was the “Extended Loyalty and Giving Award”.

The first award was granted to three Bahraini doctors who prepared therapeutic, clinical and medical scientific research and achieved distinguished achievements in their medical field characterized by creativity and innovation.

Meanwhile, the second award was granted to one of the Bahraini doctors who has worked for a period of no less than thirty years and has made outstanding efforts and generosity in her journey.

First Category Winners

Dr. Jameela Mohammed Al-Salman

The winner of the first category was Dr. Jameela Mohammed Al-Salman. She is a Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine at Salmaniya Medical Complex. She is also an awarded associate professor in the Arabian Gulf University for her international scientific contributions.

Dr. Al-Salman graduated with honors at the Arabian Gulf University. She then joined Salmaniya Medical Complex in 1996. She holds three American Board certifications: American Board in Internal Medicine, American Board in Geriatric Medicine, American Board in Infectious Diseases. Further, she has the board in infection control and recently the American board in medical quality.

Dr. Ghufran Ahmed Jassim

Dr. Ghufran Ahmed Jassim is a consultant Family Physician, women’s health specialist and associate professor in family medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI).

Dr. Jassim has long years of experience providing high-quality clinical health care, medical education and research publications. She is strong advocate of women’s health and the pioneer in setting up first women’s health clinic in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Najat Mohammed Abul Fath

Dr. Najat Mohammed Abul Fath is a Family Physician and the Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Health.

Second Category Winner

Dr. Mariam Ebrahim Al-Hajeri is a Family Physician and Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health at the Ministry of Health. She won the “Extended Loyalty and Giving Award” for her dedicated efforts in the government sector and civil society institutions. Dr. Al-Hajeri was also awarded for her implementation of health programs that have enhanced public health in the Kingdom.