Gateway to China: An Interview to Dragon City Bahrain’s General Manager

Bahrain Confidential interviews Dragon City Bahrain’s General Manager, Mr. Patrick Shuo.

In a fiercely competitive market of malls and establishments in Bahrain, how do you plan on remaining at the top of the game?

Strong competition is one of the several variables that have been taken it into account regarding Dragon City’s future outlooks. We plan to maintain our impetus by further standardizing and enhancing the variety of products in the mall. We are also set to improve Dragon City’s infrastructures and facilities, The Dining Village will be in full capacity in the near future, which is expected to increase the customer flow.

What makes Dragon City stand out?

Dragon City is a place where past meets present, which is reflected in its design, inspired by authentic Chinese heritage. The mall covers an area of 54,000 m2 and houses over 787 retail and wholesale commercial units, making it the largest in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We receive over 19,000 customers a day, which doubles during weekends and public holidays.

Moreover, Dragon City greatly contributes to the advancement of Bahrain’s economy, attracting large Chinese investments and companies, both industrial and commercial, that wish to establish regional centres in Bahrain. Thus, Dragon City has become a direct trade gateway for the export of various Chinese goods from Bahrain to countries of the region. We also magnetize a large number of tourists and businessmen.

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What is the present level of tenancy/occupancy at the mart?

To date, Dragon City has achieved an occupancy rate of 98% for commercial units in the mall, which offer a wide array of goods to shoppers. Local companies constitute 10% of the occupancy, while the rest come from China.

What are Dragon City Bahrain’s achievements?

Some of the most notable feats achieved by Dragon City include the milestone of 10 million visitors in less than 2 years. 7 million of these visitors were received in 2017 alone, turning Dragon City into a leading family destination for Bahrainis as well as families from GCC countries. Not to mention a staggering 2.5 billion dollars import worth.

What types of experiences do you offer to shoppers in order to ensure a great time for them and also that they return to Dragon City?

Dragon City invests a great deal in providing a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience to its visitors. There is a variety of cafés as well as a food court serving delectable dishes. The mall also has a number of fun shops for children, where they can enjoy games while their parents shop. Further exemplifying commitment to visitors’ pleasure is Dragon City’s keenness to organise and host a mixture of unique family events on a periodical basis.

In fact, Dragon City’s annual Chinese New Year celebration is upcoming on the 15th of February. Preparation are underway to create a spectacular event full of cheer and great surprises this year. Families and individuals of all ages are invited to join the festivities of this culturally significant event.