From Futoor to Suhoor at Al Noor

The Elite Resort and Spa offers guests the finest dining experience this Ramadan.

Come and enter a world of true Ramadan essence at Noor Tent, a luxurious tent with exquisite interiors and decorations reflecting an Arabic flair. Nestled over the gulf waters providing the best views day or night! The ambience will be further accentuated with unique entertainment and art forms that will thrill not only the corporate but get the families entertained as well. There will be activities planned for kids and ladies as well. With seating choices for smoking or non smoking, daily surprises and corporate packages will keep Noor tent busy every single night.


Noor Tent offers a lavish Arabic cuisine buffet including Bahraini Traditional Ramadan dishes such as Thareed and Harees. Qamar Al Deen, Jallab, Tamarind and Laban will be served as Noor’s Ramadan refreshing special drinks. Ghabga in Noor Tent is more of a celebration/feast! Live entertainment including authentic tunes of Oud and Arabic Tarab, surrounded by an atmosphere of Ramadan joy and many traditional games to entertain such as chess, Backgammon and Cards, accompanied by the best sheeshas with a wide choice of flavours.


With the collaboration of the Elite Hospitality Group Sponsors and Partners, A daily raffle draw will be conducted offering a variety of exciting prizes for the diners. Family entertainment including activities planned for kids and ladies as well.

Elite Resort and Spa is a preferred destination for many families and corporate for its proximity to Bahrain International Airport and commercial district, The Resort also offers special room packages with Iftar and Suhoor during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Iftar buffets will start at Maghreb prayer till 8:00PM while the Ghabga starts at 8.30PM till late.


For bookings at Noor tent at Elite Resort & Spa and more info please call: 3888 4415

Corporate and individuals can make their reservations now and receive special deals by calling Elite Resort and Spa 17 313 333

To know more on our special packages, please visit www.elitegrouphotels.com