Features - April 22, 2023

From Smart Garden To Recycled Fabrics: Celebrating Purpose-Driven Hospitality


As the world celebrates Earth Day, Hilton Bahrain’s sustainable practices through community-driven initiatives deserve a shout-out! The hotel’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint echo the team’s commitment to sustainability and they show it in more ways than one.

One of the hotel’s most significant sustainability initiatives is the smart garden, initiated by Executive Chef Ravneet Manchanda. The garden provides fresh herbs and produces that are used in the hotel’s culinary offering, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation while also promoting healthy and locally sourced food.

From sourcing local produce, and implementing a zero single-use plastic policy to using recycled materials for some of its team members’ uniforms (including their footwear) – General Manager, Tamer Farouk’s leadership has been sounding the bugle horn of sustainability since the hotel’s inception in August 2022.

“At Hilton Bahrain, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life. We believe that every action we take, no matter how small, can make a difference in preserving our planet for future generations. We are committed to implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations, from reducing waste and conserving energy to sourcing local products and supporting the community. Our hope is to inspire and help the community to embrace sustainability as a way of life and work together towards a more sustainable future”

Tamer Farouk, General Manager, Hilton Bahrain

Trickling from the leadership, the hotel’s team also supports local organizations that promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices, reflecting the need to empower the local community. Hilton’s Travel with Purpose ESG strategy is aimed at creating a positive impact on the environment and the communities where the company operates.

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