Former Students Honor the 29 Years of Dedication Of Retiring Principal

Retiring Principal, Mr. Chaouki Barake, honoured by students from 1993 to present day as he leaves behind a 29-year legacy.

The Ibn Khuldoon National School, witnessed the retirement of an educator that had dedicated almost 3 decades of service to the school. Mr. Chaouki Barake, who retired at the end of the scholastic year of IKNS received an outpour of appreciation online from his students leading all the way to the batch of 1993. The students embarked on a mission to make their gratitude and appreciation known to the former principal, Mr. Barake, led by alumni Wafa AlObaidat.

“Mr. Barake has dedicated 29 years in serving our school. He is a true gentleman. We thank him for choosing us and choosing IKNS. His time with us did not go to waste. He mattered to each of us and we are grateful to him for his dedication,” said Wafa AlObaidat. She was further supported by Noora Amin who also shared, “The memories we have with him are countless and our gratitude is endless. What we were able to do for him is small when compared to the magnitude of what he has done for us.”

What ensued was a widespread mobilization of support globally, regionally and locally of more than 220 students from 1993 to 2020 who contributed monetarily towards gifts of appreciation. On his last day at the school a select number of former students met with him to say thank you and show him how grateful they have been for his years of service on behalf all the batches he had served.

A framed letter detailing 29 years of his impact on the students that grew up in front of him during his tenure was presented to him undersigned by the 200+ names that wanted to share their appreciation. They additionally gifted him a watch with the words “4000 Students, 29 Years, We’re Grateful” engraved on the back. The true value of an educator on a community of leaders that were modeled for the Kingdom and onward into the global arena was clearly noticeable with this heartwarming gesture of attributing their growth and success to him.