#ForgetFilters: Live for Moment. Not for Likes

Max Fashion’s campaign celebrates living for the moment

Max, the largest and most trusted value fashion brand in the region, starts 2018 with a new brand campaign that goes beyond fashion. #ForgetFilters is about living for the moment in a world where people are often missing out on life while being too busy taking the perfect selfies.

Produced in collaboration with the Arab youth singing sensation, Mohamed Assaf, the campaign aims to inspire millions to be completely present in their own lives and realities and to not let important moments pass them by. In a world where fashion is carefully edited and filtered to give unrealistic representations of reality, Max takes a humorous approach in reminding its customers what is more important.

“Live for the moment, not for the likes!” is the honest piece of advice the famous

Arab icon gives to his fans. “Life is filled with unplanned, spontaneous moments that can bring smiles to our faces – moments that are best enjoyed without being worried about how you look.

Life might not always catch us in the perfect pose or in the right light, but every moment is worth living to the fullest. Real people don’t live for likes; they share moments that matter and real laughs.

#ForgetFilters 2

“Mohammed Assaf added: “The #ForgetFilters campaign from Max is a movement that will inspire many to transform the way they enjoy life. I am delighted and privileged to be part of this journey that focuses on celebrating the present moment.”

The campaign, which is centred  around the hashtag #ForgetFilters and accompanied by humorous videos and images featuring Mohammed Assaf, came to life at the end of 2017 across broadcast, digital, and social media.

#ForgetFilters follows another successful campaign by Max, ’Fashion for Real People’ which inspired millions to embrace their innate sense of style and to accept their distinctive personality over the last 2 years.