Food Review: Raising the Steaks at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s Plums

Plums combines fine dining and innovative cuisine, all within an elegant setting. This little gem is a much loved restaurant serving exceptional meats and seafood dishes. We’ve been keen on trying the restaurant’s ‘Sundown Grill’ promotion and just recently, we had the chance to test this meat lover’s dream.

The ‘Sundown Grill’ promotion highlights three well constructed courses. We were served bread with a choice of three butters; truffle, chili and standard. We’ve demolished the truffle butter before any of the others but make sure you don’t fill up on the bread because what’s coming next is simply divine!

Onto the best part, the steaks! But before that, there was a bit of table-theatre involved with us selecting our steak knife; a choice of English, Japanese, Italian and French are included. We’ve satisfied our steak cravings with 3 of the best cuts – US Black Angus, Australian Kobe Wagyu and Irish grass-fed. Each of the dish was as good as it gets, we savored every minute of enjoying it.

Our only complaint was that the meat was so beautifully cooked, that we didn’t want to use any of the sauces. Each bite of the steak was so perfect – it felt like a sin to pour something over it… so we ended up using the sauces for our breads. Meats aside, Plums is also paying extra attention to its mouthwatering side dishes and sauces to complement the heavier meaty main course. The side dishes include salad, truffle fries, creamed spinach and sautéed mushrooms. Everything was extremely superb, we had no sense of guilt asking the waiters to prepare our leftovers to take home ‘Sundown Grill’ at Plums is priced at BD38 per person including one special grape beverage.


From the moment we entered until we finished the course, the service was exceptional. The background music lets you soak in the atmosphere while you admire the visually stunning art deco. Topnotch food, stellar service and an impressive ambiance; dining has never been this fun and fulfilling at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain! Meat lovers, take note.