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Flavours of Arabia: A Review of Amber Night at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain


Remember everything you love about a Ramadan Tent in Bahrain – the lights, the symbols, and most importantly, the food. Now picture all of that magic lingering long after Ramadan, keeping the spirit alive. Stepping into the Amber Night at La Med, a restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, I was instantly transported back to the Ramadan evenings at the luxury hotel’s Masaya Pavilion. This experience keeps the tradition alive, offering guests a delightful taste of Middle Eastern delicacies.

A cosy majlis and a traditional archway welcomed me into La Med from the outdoors. On a breezy evening, one might choose to sit outside while the live grills are fired up. However, on the particularly warm day I visited, I opted to dine indoors, which also provided convenient access to the massive spread of mezze – both hot and cold, main courses, roasts, and desserts.

The team served up a plateful of freshly grilled, hot kebabs from the live grill station outside. The Seekh Kebabs were a standout – incredibly flavorful and succulent. I couldn’t resist helping myself to several pieces. The assortment of kebabs was filling, but I knew I had to taste the other dishes.

For the main course, I enjoyed a simple yet delicious combination of Vermicelli Rice with a piece of the Bahraini Chicken Roast and the Grilled King Fish, spiced to perfection. The Ghouzi served in a large vessel reminiscent of a traditional Ghabga, tasted exceptional, as expected from the master chefs at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

Though I was quite full, in the wise words of my companion for the evening, “There’s always room for dessert.” And there certainly was. The Bahraini Halwa, little mousse cakes, and Cheese Kunafa provided a perfectly sweet ending to a sumptuous dinner.

With live DJ beats and an authentic Arabic ambience, Amber Night on Thursdays is a fantastic way to kick off the weekend.

Amber Night is priced at BHD 29, inclusive of tea & Arabic coffee; BHD 35, inclusive of soft beverage; BHD 45, inclusive of select beverage; BHD 55, private legendary experience

To book your experience, contact the hotel at (+973) 17583317 or visit the website here.

This review is written by Deepika Rao

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