Flavour Fusion: B28 Bar Lounge gives everyone a taste of Japan with their Oishii Sushi Night!

B28 Bar Lounge gives everyone a taste of Japan with their Oishii Sushi Night!

Tucked away in Swiss-BelHotel International’s 28th floor, B28 Bar Lounge is how you imagine a chic bar lounge would be. Upon arriving, an artful contemporary setting enriched with dark walls, lush chairs and private corners welcomed us. Lights were few and golden and people were having private conversations while enjoying the spectacular view of Bahrain.

The Oishii Sushi Night takes place every Wednesday evening from 7pm onwards with a spread of vibrant Japanese specialties. It is priced at BD12 per person and includes a sushi platter and 2 selected drinks. We started with crunchy edamame beans and vegetable tempura; a mouthful of that crisp outer layer mixing with the soft filling was a sensory delight! We slurped on a few cocktails while taking turns on which roll to try – the California Maki was a hit; you can tell there’s a lot of care that goes into the construction of each pretty roll.

Flavour Fusion 1

The salmon, tuna and prawn nigiri were also impeccably fresh and the rice was well textured. Each glimmering nigiri was sublime and we can’t remember having anything quite so fresh and tasteful. Just one is never enough and before you know it, we’ve demolished the spread! B28 Bar Lounge has been setting standards for a harmonious fusion of flavours… ‘oishii’ indeed! You can’t buy happiness but you can have sushi, which is kind of like the same thing.

On top of the delightful offerings, the service was as impeccable as ever. The friendly staff, especially Bar Manager, Milos helped us settle in with fun conversations. What struck us most were the walls; the exquisite painting of a woman who was so relaxed and looked like she fit in the bar scene better than any of us. The colors used were the same palette seen across the bar, but move a little more further and you’ll be taken aback by this breathtaking view of Bahrain. The chill yet warm atmosphere the lounge provides is elevated with a live singer whose voice lulls you into a dream-like state.

Flavour Fusion 3

B28 is an ideal place to hold a Margarita in hand and just look beyond and wonder. If the ambience wasn’t enough to help you wind down, or the array of drinks, there’s always the food; a wonderful platter of sushi, that mingles with your taste buds so gently and the sticky rice giving you a sense of comfort – all made with feelings, that’s how the chef so rightly put it. What more could you possibly ask for?