Fitbit Alta HR

The best fitness tracker for common people.

Move to the beat of you with a slim heart rate wristband that tracks activity, sleep and exercise. Fitbit’s new Alta HR is one most people would wear not just everyday, but all night – and guess what? It’s worth every penny.

At a glance, the Fitbit Alta HR looks like it predecessor, Alta and has almost the same features as the Charge 2 but with better battery life and 25% slimmer. The addition of a new heart rate monitor means that the HR is better equipped for workouts and day-to-day activities. What’s more impressive is that it uses the continuous heart rate monitoring to track your sleep cycles, so it can tell when you’re awake and what stage of sleep you’re in – light, deep, or REM. It also provides diagrams and graphs that will share insights regarding the information. Insomniacs, rejoice!

A focus on sleep, wellbeing and heart health is what makes it standout than the rest of the brand’s trackers. Additionally, the long battery life and stylish design combined with improving app software makes the Alta HR the best all-around fitness tracker for most people. ν