Fasting by Riya Bhansali

This was the first time in years that one of my friend asked me to fast during Ramadan and I was all excited to experience it as a new challenge.

 Our body is used to being without food from the early ages as days men didn’t have much food. Having three meals was considered a luxury! Fasting is a reminder for us to realize the value of food and water. But mainly to control our urge for desires so as to access higher level of spirituality. Our ancestors knew that by incorporating it into our religion we would follow it by fear or faith.

I thought it would be difficult for me to manage my yoga classes alongside. But as the fast began I was in the flow I didn’t realize any discomfort. Being a yoga teacher I also used this time to meditate to use energy in a better way and it went quite smooth.

I realized a lot about food during this period. Some things that I thought were a necessity I was able to avoid conveniently. This changed the way I thought about food. The growling sensation in my stomach didn’t produce anxiety within me anymore and that helped me control my urge to eat. When I see food now my brain automatically processes the feeling of how it would feel in my stomach. If I sense discomfort, all the tendencies to consume it fade away.

I used to have food for pleasure despite it making me uncomfortable. Now I see to it that whatever I consume makes me feel light and good. This is definitely going to be my way to reset my relationship with food anytime I find that my mind can’t control its desires.

What’s your relationship with food? Do you like the way it is or what it change?

 I definitely recommend you to try fasting(any method) to feel differently and find new ways to think about food. Your experience might be completely different and might just bring in that change that your mind your body and your soul is looking for.


Riya Bhansali is a life coach and corporate trainer who has trained more than 2000+ people both in the Gulf and India. 
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