Fashion Forward

Bahrain Confidential explores the mind of renowned fashion designer, Georges Chakra.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I have been interested in fashion design since I was a child. I always used to follow the new trends in a magazine that my mum used to read called “Jour de France”. It was also my mother’s sense of style as well as her social circle that helped spark my interest. My father, actually, loved working with leather, as a hobby. He would create and produce wallets, belts, knife sheaths and other leather goods.



How has your cultural root influenced your designs and collections?

My culture had a huge influence on how I envision my designs. As a country that boarders the Mediterranean, Lebanon is rich in deep colors and hues of yellow and orange. There is a mix of Orientalism and Occidentalism that helps shape my designs. Because of my Lebanese heritage, I tend to favor bold colors which I incorporate throughout most of my Couture collections.2_3

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your own line?

To always strive for more. I have milestones set and I appreciate every moment in this industry, however, I cannot say that I am satisfied with what I have accomplished so far. This is the greatest push to become better and to achieve more.


Who inspires you most in fashion?

My eternal muse is and still remains the strength of women, their symbol, their soul. However, my inspirations are multiple, a historic movie, a recent trip, a new perfume, a feeling. Anything can be a source for inspiration, even a fabric’s pattern.

Anyone who stands out?

Among such big and talented names in the fashion world, I would definitely say that my favorite is Yves Saint Laurent. I love the way he broke the rules in design and his eclectic combination of shades and colors.  He was the inventor of modern fashion, and I am still dazzled by his timeless designs.

My eternal muse is and still remains the strength of women, their symbol, their soul.

How would you describe your style?

I would say that my style appeals to the contemporary woman. She is self-confident, and dares to wear clothes with a touch of originality, is fashion-forward and has this little spark of fantasy. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and definitely not afraid enough to seduce and dazzle.