Experiencing a slice of home at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain

Bahrain Confidential experiences a slice of home with InterContinental Regency’s Ramadan specials crafted by Chef Samara.

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With decades of experience and multiple awards under his name, Chef Mohammed Samara exuded an unpretentious aura – welcoming guests with a warm smile, as if he’s in the comforts of his own home. “It’s my own home”, Chef Samara proudly shares that he has been with the hotel for over 26 years while showing us around. He has worked for luxury hotels all over the world and began his culinary experience at the Kingdom in 1983. Led by the skilled chef and his team, guests will be treated to an unforgettable taste of Ramadan at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain.

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During our visit, Chef Samara prepared a marvelous Lamb Ouzi, a Ramadan favourite with roast lamb marinated with spices served on a bed of Oriental rice. It was love at first bite – the meat was succulently soft and beautifully seasoned. According to Chef Samara, the lamb was cooked to perfection between two to three hours to ensure that the meat is tender. On top of the melt-in-the-mouth goodness, the blend of spices gave us a unique gastronomic adventure.

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The sides weren’t less remarkable – a spread of the Mediterranean specials like tabouleh, fatoush, baba ganoush, hummus, moutabel, potato salad, labneh and more were available.

Intercontinental Regency - Editorial Photo shoot-44The Iftar menu is filled with genuine and culinary selections prepared to satisfy each and everyone’s tastes.Intercontinental Regency - Editorial Photo shoot-54

When asked about how he handles the competition between the hotels during the special month of Ramadan, Chef Samara emphasized the importance of loyalty and trust – of going above and beyond the hospitality most hotels provide. He added that it is vital to maintain quality while connecting with the guests and clients. True enough, Chef Samara’s energy seemed to lift the people’s spirits up during our visit.

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“Everything I do is from my heart”, Chef Samara commented on his cooking process. Whether he’s cooking for a luxurious catering or for his family, Chef Samara extends the same passion and love for what he does through his dishes. He appears extremely fervent and very knowledgeable about his craft as well.


The location of the Iftar will be moved to the Al Rifaa Ballroom, which can accommodate more than 300 guests. The new setting reflects the charming Oriental interior of the Middle East further complemented by classy modern finishes. Apart from the beautiful setup, live cooking stations and a very clever lineup of authentic Ramadan dishes, the service provided by the InterContinental Regency is absolutely immaculate. This makes the entire sharing feeling of Ramadan and eating together all the more enchanting. The Iftar will be served after sunset for BD14++ while the Ghabga will be available upon request for groups.



The experience definitely stood out from the rest – we left the hotel with our tummies full and our hearts content.


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