Expect a humid weather with clouds and fog patches today!

The Meteorological Directorate forecast hot and humid weather with some clouds but fog patches in places especially over sea areas at first.

Wind: Variable 5 to 10 knots but mainly Easterly 10 to 15 knots at times, becoming Northwesterly during the afternoon

Warning: visibility 1000m or less in places at first

Temperatures: Maximum 42 degree Celsius and minimum 29 degree Celsius

Humidity: Maximum 95 % and minimum 30 %

Sea waves: 1 to 3 foot

Tides at Mina Salman: High at 8:57 am and 9:16 pm; low at 3:13 pm and 3:34 am

For further information and updates: www.bahrainweather.gov.bh