Events and Activities Guide in Bahrain this January 2020

Your ultimate guide to the cultural events and activities in Bahrain this month.

Sound & Light Show
Date: 2-30
Venue: Bahrain Fort (Qal’at Al Bahrain)

An interactive and moving audio visual experience which takes the audience through a guided journey from the present into the past, and back. Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Beyond Silence by Rashid Diab – A Retrospective
Date: 1-30
Venue: Bahrain National Museum

Sudanese artist, Dr. Rashid Diab, carries the obsession of an artist and the questions of a curious mind, both of which are only satisfied by color, form and shadow. His secrets and his identity rely in colors, and he is very realistic as far as he is abstract and emotional and flowing like the river Nile, which is his main inspiration.

Dive into the Jurassic

Dive into the Jurassic
Date: 1-30
Venue: Bahrain National Museum

Dive into the Jurassic brings together immersive CGI films with original fossils and replica casts from the Natural History Museum’s unique marine fossil collections to bring the ancient seas to life. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey beneath the waves to meet the amazing creatures that inhabited the oceans 200 million years ago at a time when dinosaurs ruled the land.

The 46th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
Date: 15-30
Venue: Bahrain National Museum & Bahrain National Theatre

The 46th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, the first, biggest and longest-running platform for Bahraini artists to showcase and exhibit the outcome of their creative minds.

Since its inception in 1972, the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition has now evolved into an important yearly gathering of artists, all eager to display their talents and works.

Food is Culture 5
Date: 26-30
Venue: Bahrain National Museum

Food is Culture is a creative experimental project that aims to bridge together the mediums of art and food. Running in parallel with the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, this experiment sheds light on creative processes that take place when two individuals (from different creative disciplines) collaborate.