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Bahrain Confidential explores the mind of Ella Prakash, the artist behind Ella Impressions.

Launching her very own fashion and lifestyle venture artist and our founder Ella Prakash is all set to create and define luxury with her venture ‘Ella Impressions’. Her mission is to bleed art into fashion and create luxurious and stylish couture.

In search of my soul 120x220 cm

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

I wake up with a smile to take up new challenges and opportunities to start afresh. My ambitions my work and goals motivates me and believe in them and want to make it happen; I’m very much passionate achieving them professionally. Life is full of happiness, I want to make every person smile and want to make a difference in the society in my own small way, I want to forget the sorrows of past and make the better future to fulfil my goals and dreams and make each day better than yesterday.

Which artwork do you most identify yourself with?

Capturing emotions that are unfettered and entirely compatible with my life. Indeed, most of my works are figurative; they are composed of various emotions.

Ella- Scarves Optimistic

What are your future plans or upcoming events? My upcoming projects 2017 /2018

My upcoming exhibitions are confirmed and a couple of other exciting opportunities. Few projects are lined up for 2017 /18. Soon the soft launch of “Ella Impressions” fashion line – and Exhibition in November 2017 this year, at Hotel Armani Burj Khalifa at venue which is breath taking andSolo Art Exhibitiosn” April 2018 Art Expo New York it’s my solo, Booth.


Ella profileElla Prakash is an Indian artist born and brought up in Bahrain. Ella is the Founder of “Ella Art Foundation” and Ambassador for ‘Arts for India’ and Founder / Curator of Ella Art Gallery in Bahrain. Her work has also been exhibited and appreciated in the leading Art Galleries in the USA and Europe and is in the permanent collection of Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art- Las Vegas.

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