Elevating Experiences: Interview with Dragon City Bahrain’s Chairman

Bahrain Confidential interviews Mr. Patrick Zheng, Chairman of Chinamex, Dragon City’s operating company.

Located southwest of Diyar Al Muharraq, Dragon City is a rst of its kind project on the island. The property includes Dragon Mall, Dragon Apartments, the Thai Mart, Dragon Plaza and an allocated area for warehouses. Just recently, we had the chance to talk to Mr. Patrick Zheng, Chairman of Chinamex, Dragon City’s operating company about what’s new and what’s next.

Can you shed light on your vision for Dragon City Bahrain?

As part of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, our goal was, is and always will be to strengthen and contribute to the economic and cultural development between China and Bahrain.

Apart from being perceived as an illustration of a successful Chinese investment, we would also like Dragon City Bahrain to be the example of cultural diversity in the Kingdom. Furthermore, we aim to be a tourist attraction for the neighbouring countries.

What have been the challenges you have faced over the course of the year?

It has been a tremendous experience for us at Dragon City to be in the Kingdom of Bahrain. There were a few challenges in the beginning of our journey, but thanks to the government in the country and their keenness to make each business an enormous success, we have been able to tackle almost all, if not all, of them, notably the infrastructure around Diyar Al Muharraq as people initially found coming to us hard and time-consuming. The huge amount of our footfall is a testament to how people are now finding it very easy to visit the mall and enjoy exceptional shopping experience. Our story wouldn’t have been colourful without the support of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as the management of Diyar Al Muharraq and we have been keen to reciprocate by tirelessly contributing to the development of Bahrain’s economy and attracting more visitors to Diyar.

In contrast, what have been Dragon City’s major successes in 2019?
Dragon City Bahrain has achieved 99.9% leasing rate. On top of this, our footfall reached almost 1million in August. The total footfall in 2019 is expected to exceed 9 million.

What is your action plan for the upcoming year?

Our successes do not stop us from further elevating the shopping experience at Dragon City Bahrain. This will be achieved through the following: improving the products’ variety and cost-effectiveness, leading the market trend through showcasing more innovative products, guiding the tenants to establish reputable brands and raise awareness. Moreover, we want to continue emerging with the local community while also giving back to them.

What should people look forward to at Dragon City Bahrain?

A more convenient, accessible and immersive shopping method will soon be revolutionising Dragon City Bahrain.

Personally, what motivates you as a leader?

I take great pleasure in witnessing our tenants (as we call “Dragoners”) settling the roots in Bahrain. On the other note, providing more choices on cost effective lifestyles for the people of this region is where I draw my passion and enthusiasm from.

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