Educational institutions in Bahrain are reopening – Guidelines to follow!

The Ministry of Education has prepared guidelines for the reopening of public and private educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The guidelines detail health precautions, safety procedures, and contingency plans in light of COVID-19, and cover aspects related to transportation, sanitization, minimum social distance requirements and “student classroom bubbles”. The guidelines also cover learning requirements related to curricula, assessment and blended learning scenarios.

The Ministry stressed that forming an internal administrative committee in each school to implement the guidelines, and strengthen communication with parents and health authorities is key to ensuring a safe return to in-person instructions.

The 50-page document is now available on the Ministry of Education’s website. The guidelines also refer readers to a number of additional resources, including training packages for school staff.

These guidelines will be continuously updated to keep pace with the evolving COVID-19 situation. All suggestions from educational institutions and parents are welcomed via email to institutions@moe.bh  or parents@moe.bh.