Driving Me Around the Bend

It’s not the bonny Formula 1 drivers that grind my gears it’s the ongoing frenzy that is doughnut-ed around Bahrain.

Has today’s technology got too advanced that children are reverting to a live simulation of the age-old wacky races? 

No, I’m not talking about the constant phone calls that just have to be answered, nor am I talking about that snapchat that has to be taken at that very instant, but, I’m talking, or rather ranting about the incessant need to have 10 children acting as co-pilot to your usual commute.

Seriously, is it just myself or is this just complete madness?

In the UK you must make sure that any children in the vehicle that you’re driving are in the correct car seat. This is based upon their height or weight until they reach 135 centimeters tall or indeed their 12th birthday, whichever is first.

Now, I think some people over here quite frankly need to, well, grow up!

I for one have enough of an issue focusing on the road itself whilst driving, as I’m being tailgated, flashed or in fact being leered at, so this notion of an added distraction is quite frankly foreign.

First of all, why? It surely cannot be a cultural stance as it’s essentially sacrificing the lives of their children if (heaven forbid) an emergency stop is required.

Secondly, I get annoyed at the mere presence of my partner in the passenger seat never mind the thought of him clambering over me as I attempt to ignore him. So am I missing a track trick?

Has today’s technology got too advanced that children are reverting to a live simulation of the age-old wacky races? Penelope Pitstop wouldn’t be impressed, that’s for sure.

I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the way us British people have rules and regulations for anything and everything. Genuinely though, I’m just interested as to the logic behind this phenomenon. From a children’s stance I’m sure it is very fun and I can’t actually find any statistics as to whether or not this activity has lead to conflict on the road, but, surely any distraction breeds hazardous conditions?

Let’s just leave the bold manoeuvres to the pro’s.

Don’t all race at once, but any insights/answers on a postcard please or rather yet… feedback/comments to my email.

19Jayne Green is a 20-something coffee connoisseur who can inject a pun into any social situation. We are very lucky to have her as our Editor and therefore she can be contacted via editorial1@arabianmagazines.com.