WELLNESS - May 28, 2024

Discovering Tranquility: An Experience at The Diplomat Spa


Charlie Cooksey taps into serenity at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa

In the heart of a bustling Manama, I was surprised to find a place as tranquil and rejuvenating as The Diplomat Spa. Among the key offerings of The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa, the facility offers a relaxing ambience and experience. Having visited the hotel several times, I wonder why it took me so long to check out the Spa. Luckily I was invited to experience the treatment and it sure was immensely relaxing.

I was welcomed by two friendly attendants who took me through the initial process and offered me a refreshing hot towel and a cup of ginger tea. I was already relaxed. I chose a 90-minute full-body massage which was administered by a skilled therapist. The massage was tailored to my requirements and provided me with a soothing experience, combined with the music and sounds of a waterfall. In the treatment room, I found comfort in its design, contributing to the relaxation process. While initially uncertain about the extended duration of the massage, I was immersed in the experience, wishing it could last longer. The therapist’s proficiency was evident, and the option to choose massage oils added a personal touch.

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa offers exceptional service and value for money, making it a compelling choice for those seeking relaxation. With its quality treatments and reasonable pricing, it’s a worthwhile indulgence for monthly self-care rituals.

Choosing moments of tranquillity at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa is a practical decision in a busy world. Its reliable service, effective treatments, and affordability make it a destination worth revisiting for a well-deserved break from everyday stress.

The spa area is equipped with a jacuzzi, a steam room, and a sauna. They offer two treatment packages catering to your specific needs. The BLU Fusion package includes foot exfoliation, massage, and customised facial treatment. The Radiant Recharge package restores and rejuvenates the body with a scrub and massage. 

I’m certainly going back to The Diplomat Spa again.

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, book your spa treatment by calling 39902629.

All images are courtesy of The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa.

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