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Discover Nook: A Vibrant New Gem in Adliya’s Dining Scene


In the heart of Manama’s bustling dining district, Adliya Block 338, a new culinary hotspot has emerged: Nook. Launched in April 2024, Nook is quickly becoming the talk of the town with its unique blend of delightful cuisine, engaging entertainment, and a captivating atmosphere.

Specializing in a variety of thematic experiences, Nook offers a Saturday Brunch from 1:00 – 5:00 PM that promises to be a weekly highlight, featuring a spectacular acrobat show and performances on a vertical stage by both Arabic and English bands. For those seeking a vibrant start to the weekend, Nook is also introducing the Corona Sunset Sessions, an after-brunch party launching soon on Fridays at 5 PM.

Nook’s Monday Oriental Night is another must-visit, offering a unique Arabic-fusion experience with specially curated musicians that will transport guests to the heart of the Middle East.

The culinary offerings at Nook are as diverse as its entertainment. Among the standout dishes are the Beef Carpaccio, Wagyu Tacos, and Grilled Rock Prawns with Smoked Mutabal. For those craving flatbreads, the Beef Tikka Flatbread and Spicy Harissa Flatbread are highly recommended. And no meal at Nook is complete without sampling the delectable desserts, such as Churros and Tiramisu Cigar.

The ambience at Nook is upbeat and happy, with an organic and earthy design that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor settings. This beautiful environment is perfect for enjoying a meal with friends, listening to live music, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Adliya.

Whether food enthusiasts looking to try innovative dishes or individuals in search of a lively evening out, Nook offers an experience that is sure to delight all senses. Head over to Nook and discover what makes this new spot in Adliya a must-visit destination.

To make your reservations, contact Nook on (+973) 33666223

Image Credits: Nook

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