Did you know that you can visit these Bahrain destinations virtually?

Bored at home? There is a way to get a little culture and education while you’re confined to the four walls of your house. Bahrain’s Authority for Culture and Antiquities is offering a bunch of virtual tours to broaden your horizons during this uncertain time. “Walk” through the Kingdom’s most interesting places, like the National Museum, Al Khamees Centre and more!

Here’s a list of destinations you can visit virtually…

Al Khamees Visitor’s Centre

Al Khamees visitor’s centre provides a permanent exhibition at the site of the oldest Islamic archaeological site and mosque in Bahrain. The visitor’s centre displays all the archeological artefacts that have been discovered on this site and provides visitors with the necessary information to understand the richness and historical importance of the mosque.

Check the virtual tour here.

Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum

Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum is located on the northern coast of the Kingdom, and is surrounded by a picturesque seascape and lush greenery that escaped urban encroachment. The museum’s collection showcases five different historical periods which are arranged chronologically, each within its own separate gallery.

Check the virtual tour here.

Bahrain National Museum

Conceived and designed by Krohn and Hartvig Rasmussen, the Bahrain National Museum is characterized by its white travertine marble façade. It is the repository of 6000 years of Bahrain’s history. The story of Bahrain comes to life in the Halls of Graves, Dilmun, Tylos and Islam, Customs and Traditions, Traditional Trades and Crafts, and Documents and Manuscripts.

The museum complex is composed of two connected buildings with approximately 20,000 square metres of floor space. The main building houses the permanent exhibition area, temporary exhibition halls, an art gallery, a lecture hall, gift shop and café.

Check the virtual tour here.

Bab Al Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain is located at the entrance to the Manama Souk in Manama. Built in 1949, it once housed the government’s administrative offices and overlooked the sea.

The souk is a vibrant collection of shops offering a wide range of goods from textiles, spices, incense, perfumes, handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as more modern products from all over the world. There are also a number of traditional coffee shops. The souk offers a unique shopping experience that brings to mind the style of commerce from days long past.

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Bahrain Fort

The Bahrain Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site located atop a 17.5-hectare artificial hill that has been built over more than 4000 years of continuous occupation. It is the site of the former capital of Dilmun and one of the most archaeological sites in the Arabian Gulf.

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Shaikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort

Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh Fort, commonly known as Riffa Fort due to its location in Riffa, is an historic landmark. The fort also houses the Saffron Café, which overlooks the picturesque Al-Haniniya Valley, offering visitors the perfect ambience created by the site’s history and environment.

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Block 338

Located in the heart of Adliya, Block 338 is a charming pedestrian crammed with international restaurants, art galleries and small boutiques. As Bahrain’s hot dining district, Block 338 offers a wide range of restaurants appealing to all ages and tastes, be it for a fancy meal, traditional Bahraini dish or just a soothing drink.

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