Did you know that Bahrain has a floating restaurant at Reef Island?

Last issue, we told you about the Kingdom’s up-and-coming island destination, Reef Clubhouse & Lagoon Beach. But we have one more secret hidden up our sleeves… one of Bahrain’s best restaurants isn’t on land!

A world away from the frenetic city life is a fine dining experience on board the beautifully designed Lagoon Moon floating restaurant. We powered against the flow of the sea towards the floating restaurant for an afternoon of great experiences. We could barely contain our excitement for the satisfying gastronomic journey!

For starters, we indulged in some of the Mediterranean and Levantine favorites which includes the ‘Moutabel Kousa’, ‘Hummus’, ‘Warak Enab’, ‘Fattoush’ and ‘Tabouleh’. Each appetizer was a combination of fresh vegetables and herbs that are perfect for the conscious eaters.

Moving on to the mains, we shared the plentiful ‘Mixed Moajanat’ and ‘Mixed Grill’ platters. The Mixed Grill platter is like a crowning glory to a culinary adventure. With its assortment of meats, there is surely something for everyone!

Sweet lovers will enjoy the delightful ‘Aish el Saraya’, which is like a bread pudding trifle with a fragrant pistachios and sweetened cream on top. Decadent, creamy and light, the Homemade Cheesecake, was a hit for us!

With a restaurant like the Lagoon Moon, eating is only a part of the experience. The boat ride, the view, the fresh air and getting away from the crowds… great food is almost a bonus!

Create memories with your loved ones aboard the Lagoon Moon floating restaurant as you witness the striking view of the Reef Clubhouse. The restaurant is open every weekend from 12 noon till 10 pm. It is also available for corporate and private bookings.

For more details, call +973 77 900 700 | IG: @reefclubhousebah