Did you know about this in-car dining restaurant in Riffa?

What do you do when you want to dine out but can’t because of the restrictions? Dine in the car! Broil lets enjoy your meal in the car with a special tray that can latch onto your steering wheel for convenience.

This fastfood restaurant in Riffa serves shawarmas, baos, sliders, broil sandwiches, and fries.

You have two options for the broil sandwich: the broil chicken or the broil beef.

Broil Beef

You also have two options for shawarma: the tikka shawarma or the South Africa shawarma.

Tikka Shawarma

You can also try their broil salad which consists of Rocca, American lettuce, beef, sweet potato, and balsamic sauce.

Broil Salad

When it comes to baos, you also have two options: the brisket bao or the chicken bao.

Brisket Bao

There are three options for sliders: the classic beef, the maple siracha slider, or the truffle slider.

Maple Siracha Slider

Their crispy truffle fries come with special truffle sauce.

Crispy Truffle Fries

You can check their menu on their Instagram account (@broilbh).

For more information, reach Broil at 36606691. They are open from 7pm to 12am. For their location, click here.