Crayola’s makeup collab with ASOS looks like actual crayons!

If you were the kind of kid who drew on walls and stole your mom’s makeup, then ASOS’s makeup collaboration with Crayola is right up your alley. Yes, you read that correctly. A Crayola makeup collection exists, and it’s going to help release your inner child.

Starting today, you can get your hands on the Crayola Beauty collection to test, paint, draw, and smudge all over your beautiful self. There are 58 pieces in the collection, and they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Basically, you’ll have a multitude of shades to play with, especially since it features color-change lipsticks, eye palettes, bright highlighters, bold mascaras, and an artist-inspired brush kit. Prices range from $15 to $40. You can only get it online at ASOS, so take a peek at these beautiful products now.

Courtesy of ASOS

Now the only question is, which of these stunning new products will we narrow our choices down to?


Let’s take a look at the ASOS x Crayola Beauty Collection:

Crayola Customisable Lip Palette

Crayola Color Crayon Trio Wild Fruits


Crayola Highlighter Crayon in Blast of Bronze

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