Coronavirus Update: Over 1,700 cases; 4 deaths in GCC

The GCC has also seen a modest share of infections, posting around 1,740 cases since the outbreak, with over four deaths reported so far.

The UAE registered 13 new infected cases of the Covid-19 virus that were discovered through early reporting and active investigation, bringing the total number of infectees to 153.

The registered cases were people who travelled abroad or came into contact with previously infected cases.

The total number of those who have recovered in the country totals 38.

Saudi Arabia
On Sunday, Saudi Arabia confirmed 119 new Covid-19 cases in the country, taking the total number of those infected to 511.

Out of the 119 new cases, 72 were detected in Makkah, 34 in Riyadh, four each in Dammam and al-Qatif, three each in al-Ahsa and Khobar, and one each in Dhahran and Qassim.

“All those who mixed with confirmed cases are being isolated,” said the spokesman for the kingdom’s health ministry, Mohammed al-Abd al-Ali, reported Al Arabiya.

Of the 511 cases in the kingdom, 17 have recovered from the disease.

A total of 12 new cases were registered in the country, bringing the total number of those infected to 188, Kuwait News Agency reported.

As many as 30 people have recovered from the Covid-19 infection.

As many as 23,206 people have been tested for the Covid-19 infection in the kingdom, the Ministry of Health announced.

Of the 183 cases that remain active, three are said to be critical.

There have been a total of two deaths while 149 cases have been treated and discharged, and 250 individuals have left quarantines.

Oman registered three new cases of coronavirus in the country on Sunday, Times of Oman reported, citing the Ministry of Health.

“The three citizens were in contact with a relative who returned from a GCC country. Thus the total number of registered cases touched 55. 17 people have recovered from the virus,” a statement by the ministry read.

The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 13 new Covid-19 cases in Qatar as well as six additional cases of those who have recovered from the virus.

The new infected cases have been admitted to complete health isolation, and they are receiving necessary medical care.

As many as 494 people have tested positive for the virus, of whom 33 have recovered.

SOURCEGulf Business