Coronavirus Update: Gyms, Cinemas and Salons to Remain Closed

In a press conference held today, the Ministry of Health reiterated the decisions that will be continued in Bahrain for two weeks, to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is effective from 19h00, Thursday 09 April, to Thursday 23 April.

This includes the following:

  • Movie theatres are to remain closed
  • All commercial sports gymnasiums, fitness studios, swimming pools and recreational activities are to remain closed
  • The activities of all restaurants, tourist facilities and places for serving food and beverages are to remain limited to external orders and delivery services
  • Shisha Cafes are to remain closed. Services offered by these cafes are to remain limited to takeout and delivery of food and beverages only
  • Salons are to remain closed
  • All non-essential medical services provided by private health clinics are to remain suspended.
  • The first hour of grocery store openings is to remain dedicated for the elderly and pregnant women
  • Public gatherings are to remain limited to 5 individuals or fewer. Individuals are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, only going out for necessities
  • All citizens and residents are required to wear face masks whilst in public
  • Commercial and industrial businesses providing goods or services directly to customers, are to open and resume work provided the following conditions are met

The Ministry also commented that shops shall continue observing precautionary measures. This includes limiting the number of people, implementing social distancing procedures, organising waiting queues and continuously sanitising and disinfecting the premises.

Meanwhile, companies are encouraged to implement working from home, limiting the number of employees and implementing social distancing even in transportations.

The Ministry affirmed its commitment to implement all precautionary measures and preventive measures, according to the international standards recommended by the World Health Organization.

Bahrain is now on the 7th week of fighting against the coronavirus. The Ministry commented that they are prepared with enough healthcare professionals, equipment and capacity to treat infected people.

Before leaving quarantine, previously infected people are tested again to make sure they are negative. Recovered cases, on the other hand, are being followed up after they have left the centre.

The Ministry stated that there will still be an increase of cases because they are continuously testing, tracking and isolating. Currently, Bahrain is still among the top countries in the number of tests done.

Citizens and residents of Bahrain are urged to follow the precautionary measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.