A majority of economic activities in Bahrain has come to a halt because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Deemed as essential businesses, grocery stores and supermarkets are among the outlets that have been allowed to operate to serve the residents’ basic needs amid uncertain times.

These stores manage to run because of workers who do not stay at home despite the hardships and risks of the deadly virus. The last few weeks have demonstrated that Bahrain’s grocery workers are on the front lines of the pandemic and play a critical role not just in the country’s economy but also in the healthy functioning of the society. These unsung heroes are working hours despite the real dangers of being exposed to make sure that everyone has access to their essential needs.

Among the grocery stores that remained open are the branches of Lulu Hypermarket. According to the hypermarket chain, they have created a support system and concrete actions to ensure stronger protection for both its workers and consumers.

Like health care workers and first responders, grocery store employees are “essential workers” on the front line of this battle. This means that workers need increased protection and flexibility in order to keep the grocery stores open and safe for everyone.


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