Coronavirus: Bahrain Leads With Highest Recovery Rate in GCC!

Data shows that Bahrain has the highest rate of recovery in the GCC, with a whopping 59% of infected cases declared fully recovered from the coronavirus.

When compared to the global rate of recovery of 22%, Bahrain is much far ahead with around a 37% better rate.

When compared to the rest of the GCC countries as well, Bahrain is leading, followed by Oman with 24% recoveries and then Saudi with 20% recoveries.

When comparing the death rates, the global deaths from infections are at around 6%.

In the GCC, Saudi Arabia, has the highest number of deaths, currently 44, bringing its death rate up to 1.3%.

Saudi is followed by Oman with 0.7% death rate, while Bahrain is at number 3, with 6 recorded deaths bringing its death rate to 0.6%.

Kuwait has the lowest death rate in the GCC, with only 1 death recorded, keeping its death rate at 0.1%.

Bahrain has currently recorded 913 total cases, of which 377 are currently active and 530 have been discharged. 6 fatalities have been recorded so far.

Source: Gulf Insider