Check out this aesthetic karak shop on Instagram!

Karak chai or karak tea is an aromatic spiced tea popular in Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain. While trying to find the best places to get this hot cup of goodness, one shop caught our eye!

Photo by Khaled A. Wahid @khaledw

Launched in January this year, Karak’d is a family owned and operated karak shop in Bahrain. According to the founders, they loved the homemade karak so much and felt that there was a lack of shop offering varieties of the tea around the island.

Photo by Khaled A. Wahid @khaledw

Every pot of karak is freshly cooked for each customer. The menu features three choices: the original, the twist and the cereal.

Karak’d sells their specialty in boxes which includes a 1-litre flask, 8 cups, 8 covers, 1 marker and 2 sticker sheets. The flasks are for the customers to keep.